• NO Hacking/Cheating, Duping, Exploiting or loot cycling 

• NO abuse of bugs or glitches (game breaking bugs must be reported via ticket) 

• NO abuse of game mechanisms not provided for (i.e. boosting with fireplaces) 

• NO combat logging (10min must ago to the last PvP action) • DON'T log out immediately after an ATM robbery, it must be 10 minutes ago otherwise it is combat logging 

• DON'T pretend to be admin or owner • NO disrespecting to the staffs • NO Toxic behavior and hate speech • NO rasism or homophobia 

• NO moonwalk or meatballing • NO meta-gaming (leak baselocations, pvp or anything else about positions) • NO streamsniping 

• NO second account (alt account) - One player is allowed to play only on one account 

• NO logout in Temple, KMUC, Key or Keycard rooms (If the game crashes or the server restarts, you must log back in. If you do not log back in, it will be considered as logging out) • DON'T enter locked rooms and KMUC with bugs or glitches, they are not intended for input by any means other than keys or keycards 

• NO vehicle griefing in non PvP situation • DON'T lock vehicles in they spawn and block them for other players 

• It's forbidden to abuse the Dogtag trader to kill your friends and took they dogtags; If we register a abuse it will result in a ban 

• It's forbidden to abuse trader failures; they must be reported via ticket 

• It's forbidden to use Nvidia Inspector; same for all other cheating/ hacking software • It's forbidden to abuse rendering errors and use them 

• It's forbidden calling out hackers in the global chat, open a ticket! • It's forbidden calling out bugs or failures in the global chat! 

• sidechat english only


Safezone Rules 

• NO griefing, trolling or stealing (If it's not yours, leave it there) 

• NO lock pick vehicles this counts as griefing/ stealing 

• DON'T play music over voicechat 

• DON'T following players out of Safezone 

• NO escape into the safezone (its forbidden to escape from a pvp situation to run into the safezone) 

• NO safezone camping (waiting for players to kill them when they pass the safe zone) 

• DON'T park your vehicles more then one server restart in the safezone (Otherwise it will be deleted)


Ban Policy For most rules we have a strike system, except for explicit rules there is direct perma ban WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE AGAINST CHEATS, HACKS, ABUSES, RASISM OR HOMOPHOBIA (e.g for strike system = safezone escape, combat logging,...) (e.g for perma ban = cheating, bug abuse, rasism, homophobia,...) Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes. These changes might be done at any time without notice, it is your responsibility to check for them. Disclaimer Staff decisions are to be respected and accepted, arguing is not appropriate, Staff members are to be obeyed. Constructive criticism may be appropriate, but should not be disrespectful. Please understand that staff members are doing this on their own time and it is not a job. It may take up to 12 hours for a ticket to be responded to.


Video Evidence We recommend to use a video evidence software like or shadowplay, these are the most popular. Both have minimal impact on performance. We do not recommend using software like OBS Studio as it requires too much performance. This makes the support case easier and there is a higher/better chance to get something back when refunding. Compensation We do not give compensation for typical DayZ bugs, only for server errors or crashes.



Building Rules 

• NO basebuilding closer as 1000m to any trader 

• NO basebuilding closer as 800m to KMUC, Swamp & Area42 

• NO basebuilding closer as 400m to any Military 

• NO basebuilding closer as 300m to any Keycard or key door location 

• NO basebuilding closer as 300m to any concrete mixer 

• NO basebuilding on roads (over its ok when a truck fits under) 

• NO sky-/ floating bases (must comply with the physical forces, one floor may protrude) 

• NO building during an active raid (1 hour must be over after the last door blows off) 

• NO placing codelocks during an active raid 

• NO stacking of storages (stack container in container or tent in tent) 

• You're allowed to have 2 bases as one group (one main base & one second base) 

• You're allowed to have a maximum of 15 doors/ gates/ hatches on your main base and 2 doors/ gates/ hatches on your second base 

• You're base must alltime raidable (don't block entrances/ doors/ gates/ hatches, also not with storage) 

• You're allowed to build your main base from ground 3 walls high and from structures 2 high 

• You're allowed to build your second base 2 walls high and exceed not more than 6 foundations/ floor/ roof 

• The second base must be at least 500 m from your main base 

• If you build in or on an existing building, then you can only build in or on a maximum of one 

• Players may not intentionally block access to wells or wood piles with base components 

• You may not force the raider to crawl, duck, climb or jump (DayZ ladders may be used, but not defended according to the animation rule) 

• Peaks are allowed, but the raider must have the chance to defend himself at any time, build them so that it is possible If an admin classifies a base as "unraidable", he has the right to interrupt the raid and make tweaks on it. If you are unsure about your building method, open a ticket.


Raiding Rules 

• videoproof of getting into the base (You have to save them on your computer for 3 days, the admins can ask you to see the clip at any time) 

• NO useless griefing (drop stuff on the ground and let it despawn or destroying, this counts not for spawn gear) 

• Its forbidden to take the flag from a flagpole, it counts as griefing 

• It's forbidden to dismantle base elements for materials and kits, only this what you need for a raid 

• NO glitching into bases (e.g. use animations) 

• NO takeover bases (If you see a raided base, open a ticket to ask about it) 

• NO logout in enemy bases (in case of a disconnect you have to initiate the spawn again, otherwise it would count as a logout) 

• Don‘t boost with helicopters (jump onto a flying helicopter and use it to boost into the base) 

• Helicopter raids are allowed (landing in/on base) 

• You're allowed to crawl through windows 

• You‘re allowed to boost with 2 person, 1 item or 1 land vehicle 

• You're allowed to raid a base from there soft side 

• DON‘T logout during an active raid as defender with stuff to take them from the server; don‘t be a spoilsport 

• Players are prohibited from deleting loot during a raid as a raider/defender (burning or shooting or any other form of deleting) 

• If your base has ladders or something else that requires the attacker to perform an animation, you may not use the animation to gain an advantage, i.e. you may not defend points that require the attacker to perform an animation (video evidence is required) 

• A raid can't take longer as 24 hours


Group & Alliance Rules
• The group/clan size is 7 and may not exceed 7 members at any time
• Alliances are allowed, but they must not exceed the group size of 7 players. Alliances are not allowed to join into the ally group
• Do not share bases and also with your alliances (i.e. Share base codes or store loot or vehicles in a base that is not yours)
• Players are not allowed to hoping groups on a regular basis in an attempt to circumvent the group rules. Once you are in a group, stay in it and if you legally change the group, create a ticket
• When playing with your alliance, you must identify yourself in other ways, such as colored armbands, special clothing, or in other ways
• Alliance bases must be at least 2 km apart

Group Limitation
• 2 flagpoles per group, one per base (one for main base and one for second/ temp base)
• 7 Big safes per group
• 15 codelocked Storage per group (any type of codelocked storage)
• 8 vehicles of any type per group