You can help Afterlife with donations, all donations will going into server costs, maintance and custom mods. 
All donations are one-time purchases and non-refundable

procedure of  donation

You can get custom camos or skins of your choice for weapons, clothings/ gear and items, just follow the link and select your desired pack.
You must provide us with an example camouflage or texture.
After purchasing open a donation ticket Discord  in ⁠📩┆create-a-ticket  and handover the example camo or skin after which you will receive a Discord @🢣 Donator role.
We have different stages of packages, more and more different stages are being added.
If we don't have what you are looking for in our shop then open a ticket and ask for something and let's talk about it 

What can we do?

- almost all, exceptions below

What we do not do

- Windstride clothings 

- Vehicles in general


Prio Queue 10€ 
Single Clothing Item 10€ Clothing Small Pack 30€ Clothing Big Pack 55€ 
Ghillie Pack 15€ 
Ultimate Ghillie Pack 20€ Poncho 10€ 
T1-T2 Vest Skin 15€ 
T3-T5 Vest Skin 20€ 
Basic Weapon Skin 25€ Advanced Weapon Skin 40€ Small Item 5€ 
Colored Solo Clantag 10€ Colored Group Clantag 25€ Material/ RVMAT change 10€

See our shop for detailed definitions All donation clothings, gear and weapons will be added in a special donator spraycan that is buyable at the High Tier Trader Items purchasable in the safe zone are added to the donator vending machine in the safe zone