General Rules • 

NO hacking, Duping or Loot Cyclen 

NO combat logging (10min must ago to the last PvP action) 

DON'T log out immediately after an ATM robbery, it must be 10 minutes ago otherwise it is combat logging

DON'T pretend to be admin or owner

NO disrespecting to the staffs

NO Toxic behavior

NO rasism or homophobia in chat 

NO Moonwalk 

NO meta-gaming (give baselocations, pvp action or anything else about position leaks) 

NO streamsniping 

NO second account (alt account) - One player is allowed to play only on one account

NO logout in KMUC 

NO logout in Keycard or key rooms

Groupsize is 7 players  

sidechat only in english or german


Safezone Rules 

• NO griefing, trolling or stealing - lock pick vehicles counts as griefing/ stealing

• DON'T play music over voicechat 

• DON'T following players out of Safezone 

• NO escape into the safezone (its forbidden to escape from a pvp situation to run into the safezone) 

• NO safezone camping (wait for other player to kill them when they want into the safezone) 

• DON'T park your vehicles more then one server restart in the safezone


Basebuilding Rules 

• NO basebuilding closer to 1000m to any trader 

• NO basebuilding closer to 800m to KMUC, Swamp, Mine & Area42 

• NO basebuilding closer to 400m to any Military 

• NO basebuilding closer as 300m to a Keycard door location

• NO basebuilding closer as 300m to any concrete mixer

• NO basebuilding on roads (over its ok when a truck fits under) 

• NO sky-/ floating bases (must contradict the physical forces) 

• NO building during a active raid (1 hour must be over after the last door blows off) 

• NO placing codelocks during a active raid 

• NO stacking of storages (stack container in container or tent in tent)

• You're allowed to have 2 bases as one group (one main base & one second base) 

• You're allowed to have a maximum of 10 doors/ gates/ hatchets on your main base and 2 doors/ gates/ hatchets at your second base 

• You're base must alltime raidable (no block entrances) 

• You're allowed to build your main base from ground 3 walls high and from structures 2 high 

• You're allowed to build your second base 2 walls high and exceed not more than 6 foundations 


Raid Rules 

• videoproof of getting into the base 

• NO useless griefing (like drop stuff from the enemy of the ground and let it despawn or destroying)

• Its forbidden to destroy enemy flagpoles or lower the flag, it counts as griefing

• It's forbidden to dismantle the whole enemy base for materials and kits, only this what you need for a raid (one way in and out) 

• NO glitching into the base with a bug (like with a vehicle close to the wall and get out or log off under the base and log in) 

• NO takeover bases 

• NO logout in enemy bases 

• DON‘T build in/ on enemy bases to come in/ raid them

• DON'T use render errors to see players and use that 

• DON'T log out when you get raided with or without stuff this doesn't matter 

• You're allowed to log out 30 minutes AFTER the last c4 blows a door 

• You're allowed to boost with a maximum of 2 players, one vehicle 

• You're allowed to raid a base from there soft side 

• a raid can't take longer as 24 hours 

For most rules we have a strike system, except for explicit rules there is direct perma ban 




 (e.g for strike system = safezone escape, combat logging,...) (e.g for perma ban = cheaten, bug abuse, rasism, homophobia,...) 

Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes. These changes might be done at any time without notice, it is your responsibility to check for them.


- - -

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