About Afterlife - Serverinfo

[EU] Afterlife | 1PP | Deerisle
»»» IP: «««
[Dedicated Server Machine, 60 Slots]

Server was created in April 2022

50k Start Money
Keys and Keycards
Custom AirDrops
King Of The Hill
Custom Armor
Custom Modular Weapons
Custom Medicals
Custom Clothings
Custom Storage
Custom Areas
Rewarding Helicrashes
Toxic Zones with toxic rooms
Hidden Stashes
Atm's and robbery
Bank robbery
Sleeping Bags
Expansion Market
Dynamic trader prices + limited stocks
C4 base raiding (only doors and only on weekend)
Discord Raid Alert
more ways to make money
More Vehicles
Quadbikes spawns ready to drive
Grow drugs to sell them
Base starter kit, claiming via Discord Ticket
Ingame & Discord Killfeed
Discord Leaderboard
2 Safezone Trader
Barter Trader/ Dogtag Trader
2 Boat Trader
High Tier Trader
Aircraft Trader
Weekly Events
Discord Guides for beginners


➦ Quality Of Life features
No stamina
No woundinfection
Instant flagpole
Tweaked leg breaking
Tweaked Inertia (almost old feeling)
Less shoes & gloves damage
Less hunger & thirst
No ClassicWalk; you're able to run over mountains
Short night time - long day time
BBP Inventory build, no need to put materials into the blueprints
Balanced ballistic
Weapon aim sound
Tweaked player hit zones
No Vehicle Damage
Vehicle 3PP for Helis
Anti God Rays (Nerfed sun bleeding)
Vehicle push function

➦ Mod Highlights
Custom Mods
best of MVS & Windstride Clothingpacks
Drug Mods
AJ Mutants
Expansion Core and Market
Radio mod (allows you playing music via radio)
Better Stash (better hidden stashes as vanilla)
Body Bags
Many custom mods